Seeking the cure for neuroendocrine (NET) 


Our mission is clear.

Unicorn Foundation New Zealand  is dedicated to revolutionising the way that Neuroendocrine Tumours (NET’s) are diagnosed and managed in New Zealand.


We are a registered charity, acting in the public interest to help educate and support New Zealand sufferers of neuroendocrine tumours/carcinomas (NETs) and their families. We also aim to increase awareness and knowledge of the disease amongst the medical community. We also hope to improve access to treatment and diagnostic tests for NZ patients and where possible, we would like to provide funds to researchers and institutions who will work towards a cure for this uncommon group of cancers. By working closely with medical groups we hope to raise the profile of neuroendocrine tumours and foster greater knowledge and involvement of primary health care practitioners and help ensure best practice care for patients with these tumours

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NET Cancer Fast Facts:

  • One kiwi is diagnosed every day

  • It can affect anyone, at any age

  • Over 3000 NET patients in NZ 

  • Numbers are higher than brain, ovarian, or cervical cancers

  • Steve Jobs, found of Apple, and Aretha Franklin, both died from NET Cancer