Supporting patients and
whānau living with
neuroendocrine cancers

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Our mission is clear

Neuroendocrine Cancer New Zealand is dedicated to revolutionising the way that Neuroendocrine (NET) cancers are diagnosed and managed in New Zealand.


We are New Zealand's national charity focused on supporting neuroendocrine cancer patients and their whānau. We provide education and support to help Kiwis with neuroendocrine cancer to live their best life. We also build knowledge and awareness of the disease amongst the medical community. Our fundraising and advocacy means that New Zealanders now have access to state of the art diagnostics and treatment. We provide a link between patients and researchers who are working to better understand and treat this uncommon group of cancers.  

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NET Cancer Fast Facts

  • One kiwi is diagnosed every day

  • NET affects men, women and children of all ages. It doesn’t discriminate.

  • Symptoms of NETs can mimic irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, anxiety & asthma.

  • Over 3000 NET patients in NZ 

  • Numbers are higher than brain, ovarian, or cervical cancers

  • Steve Jobs, found of Apple, and Aretha Franklin, both died from NET Cancer