Ken's Running for NETs!

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The Auckland Marathon is just months away and Unicorn's friend, Ken Chou is running it for the first time! 

We are thrilled that Ken has nominated Unicorn Foundation NZ as his chosen charity to fundraise and spread awareness for.

Click the button below to donate, share and support his fundraising efforts via his fundraising page. 

Thank you Ken! 

Hi, I’m Ken. I’m currently navigating the amazing journey that is parenthood with my (very patient) wife, Amber, two kids under two, and a big ball of white canine fluff aka Molly. From the sleepless nights, to the un-provoked tantrums there’s never a dull moment in our house.


For those with kids, you’ll know that modern day family life is challenging in so many aspects, juggling work commitments, family time, and social events. For the guys we also have to fight the additional gravitational pull of the Dad-bod phenomena. You’ll appreciate that running this distance with a permanently attached weight vest is by no means an easy feat.


But to be honest, I wouldn’t change a thing, family means the world to me. And that’s exactly why I want to do all I can to help others enjoy time with their families.


Neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs) is an umbrella term referring to a group of cancers which cells have some nervous connections (neuro-) with an ability to secrete hormones (endocrine). NETs are often difficult to diagnose as the symptoms are non-specific, with time to diagnosis averaging 5-7 years, even though the rates are higher than some commonly known cancers (8.5/100,000). I’m dedicating the next few months to raise awareness for this less commonly known cancer. Together, if we can promote the knowledge of NETs, we can achieve much better outcomes for those affected.


Unicorn Foundation NZ is an amazing charity aiming to provide support and information to patients, families and medical professionals involved in the treatment for NETs. They are dedicated to delivering life-changing treatment (PRRT) to NZ patients, as treatment is currently only available overseas.


Please join me on this adventure as I navigate my first half-marathon. Let’s talk about NETs.