Unicorn Foundation NZ has a new CEO  


21st Feb 2019

We have some exciting news to share.

Unicorn Foundation New Zealand founder Siobhan Conroy has decided to transition from CEO to join the Unicorn Board and we welcome Fiona Brennan as new CEO to the Unicorn team!

Fiona has nearly 20 years of management and training experience in the non - profit sector in the UK and NZ and worked for several community organisations and charities in leadership roles.  Fiona was the CEO of Auckland Deaf Society for nearly 7 years.  Before joining Unicorn Foundation NZ, she worked with several organisations to provide governance training and facilitation on behalf of Threshold Management and Coaching Ltd.  She is also active at an executive level in other charitable initiatives in a voluntary capacity. Fiona has a BA Hons Theology and Religious Studies.  She holds a Graduate Diploma in Non-profit Management and a Certificate in Fundraising from the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand.

Siobhan will be working with Fiona to share knowledge and expertise, to ensure continuity of advocacy for all neuroendocrine patients around New Zealand.

Siobhan started Unicorn Foundation NZ in 2012 as somewhat of an accidental advocate. Her frustration with the lack of information and support for NETs in NZ drove her to challenge the status quo. Her determination to ensure patient voices are at the forefront has seen her successfully advocate for change. Over her tenure and along with the Unicorn Board, huge progress has been made over the past 6 years. Some key highlights include establishing a national patient support service, introducing cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to NZ, and lobbying government agencies for funding and access to specialised peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT) treatment. 

Unicorn Foundation NZ does not receive any Government funding however we have delivered a national support and advocacy service for over 5 years, thanks to the  generous support  from  the NET community and our sponsors.

UFNZ chair Dr Malcom Legget says it has been a pleasure to work with Siobhan as the CEO and the Board is looking forward to continuing to work with her as we build the organisation, with many positive developments coming to fruition.

“We hope to see PRRT finally established after years of hard work . Siobhan’s leadership and drive has been pivotal in pushing this process forward. This is an exciting time and we look forward to working with our new CEO  Fiona Brennan to build on Siobhan’s legacy. Siobhan’s contribution to patients and families affected by Neuroendocrine cancer in New Zealand has been immense. She has worked tirelessly to advocate for change - for better access to critical diagnostic tests and life saving and life prolonging treatments, and for greater recognition and awareness of NET cancer. She has a deep commitment and empathy which has made a huge difference in the lives of  so many Kiwis and their families. She is a passionate and professional  advocate for patients and has built a tremendous network  which has ensured thousands of families across the country have received help and support where previously there was none,” he says.

In addition to her role at UFNZ, Siobhan has also contributed to other healthcare organisations and networks. She has been a member and board member of INCA, (International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance) and has served as a member of CANGO, (the national Cancer Alliance of NGOs working group).

 “I see this as an opportunity for growth for Unicorn Foundation NZ and importantly a great step forward for NET cancer patients in NZ. There is a critical and urgent need for improved access and I am excited to see our team increase resources to ultimately have more passionate advocates helping our patients” – Siobhan Conroy

“I am delighted to be joining National Charity Unicorn Foundation NZ to continue the work started by our founder Siobhan Conroy and look forward to working with her and the executive board. Our community of patients are our highest priority as we focus on supporting them through their treatment journey and beyond. We will continue to develop our resources and capacity to achieve our strategic objectives and long-term sustainability”. – Fiona Brennan 

Siobhan will officially change her role from CEO to Board member on the on 6th March 2019 and will continue to assist with the transition for Fiona Brennan into the CEO role.



Any queries please feel free to contact us: info@unicornfoundation.org.nz