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Octreotide brand switch

October 2021

From 1 September 2021 PHARMAC has switched suppliers for octreotide. Prior to 1 September 2021, Novartis supplied Sandostatin LAR, but over the next six months this will shift to Teva's generic octreotide. By 1 March 2022 Teva will supply a minimum of 95% of the market. We have launched a nationwide nurse survey to collect information about the octreotide brand switch and any issues - big or small - that nurses and patients encounter.

The survey will be open for at least six months so we can track the rollout of the generic octreotide.  Over the next six months, we will be reporting the results to PHARMAC, Medsafe and Te Aho o Te Kahu Cancer Control Agency on a regular basis. Our goal is to work collaboratively with these key government agencies to ensure the best care and best treatments for our neuroendocrine cancer community.

The survey is for nurses, but if you're a patient on octreotide, please help us by talking to your nurse about the survey and asking s/he to complete it every time there's something good or bad to report.

PRRT officially launched


Minister of Health, Hon Andrew Little officially launched the new, permanent, national PRRT service in Auckland on Wednesday 14 July 2021. Unicorn Foundation NZ has spent more than six years advocating for this treatment. Now, any neuroendocrine cancer patient who needs PRRT will be able to access the treatment through the public health system.

14 July 2021


PRRT launch in the media

14 July 2021