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15 July 2021


Today PRRT became a permanent, national service

For many years, neuroendocrine cancer patients and their whānau have been advocating to bring PRRT to New Zealand. Today, all that work culminated in an official launch event at Auckland city hospital. The Minister of Health, Hon Andrew Little noted that the collective work by so many different organisations - including Neuroendocrine Cancer NZ - is a blueprint for the health sector.  He praised the collaboration, hard work, and responsiveness to COVID as he launched the new permanent service, that will now be available to all neuroendocrine cancer patients who need it.  It was fantastic to hear the Minister comment that every patient matters.


Health Minister, Hon. Andrew Little


The official launch of PRRT in NZ

This was a small, invitation-only event at the request of the Minister. But there's plenty of great media coverage out there featuring two of our wonderful Unicorns - May Leaoseve and Ewa Phillips. These two wonderful women braved cameras, on-the-spot questions, and live interviews so that other New Zealanders could start to understand what this announcement really means. That for neuroendocrine cancer patients whose tumours respond, PRRT is a game-changing treatment.


Click on the links for media coverage of the launch:


UFNZ CEO, Michelle Sullivan


NETs patient and PRRT recipient, May Leaoseve

PRRT in New Zealand: a guide for patients

In September 2020 PRRT launched in New Zealand for the first time, thanks to years of Neuroendocrine Cancer NZ advocacy. 

To help patients understand what this treatment involves, Unicorn Foundation NZ has worked with Auckland District Health Board to produce a patient guide.

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Need help with PRRT transport?


Neuroendocrine Cancer NZ can help take the worry out of your treatment journey.

As the national charity helping neuroendocrine cancer patients up and down the country, we understand the uniqueness of these cancers.

With our dedicated Neuroendocrine Cancer NZ car, we’d like to make your PRRT journey easier. We can come and pick you up at the airport and transfer you and your support person safely to your accommodation or appointment. We can also help if you are driving from out of Auckland and feel uncertain on the motorway, or just need a bit of help navigating central Auckland in peak traffic. And of course if you live in Auckland but for any reason need help to get to the hospital in Grafton for your appointments, we’re here for you too.


This service is completely free. Click on the car for more information.

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Help us to help others

Neuroendocrine cancer places a big financial burden on patients and their families. Donate now to help us provide free support services.