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World NET Cancer Day - Sunday 10th November

The focus of NET Cancer Day this year is to highlight the challenges patients and clinicians face around ACCESS – access to information, access to care & treatment, access to research and access to support.

It is our hope and the hope of all INCA (International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance) member organisations that NET patients will start to receive improved access to optimal diagnostics, treatment and care, no matter where they live in the world.

How can you help to raise awareness?

Spread the word further than ever before on November 10 by making #LetsTalkAboutNets a global conversation - both online and throughout all communities. All across social media you can.... 

  • Share the NET day ribbon

  • Share the video below

  • Post infographics and poster 

  • Share your ACCESS story

Be sure to use these hashtags #LetsTalkAboutNets #netcancer #neuroendocrinecancer #unicornfoundationnz 

World NET Day Cuppa Catch Ups

World NET Day Cuppa Catch Ups are being hosted by our wonderful NET Nurses in both Auckland and Christchurch on Sunday 10th November. All are welcome to attend! 

Bring your friends and family, and connect with others in your region:


Auckland, 10am - 12pm, at Auckland Cancer Society, Grafton

RSVP please to Avril Hull: support@unicornfoundation.org.nz 

Christchurch, 4pm at Cafe Mosaic, Barrington Mall

RSVP please to Lesley Harrison: sthsupport@unicornfoundation.org.nz